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because what you see is what you believe

Representative projects from a number of clients are shown here. Click any bar below.


Hamilton County JFS

Hamilton County Dept. of Job and Family Services
Hamilton County, Ohio

Download PDF. 42 page document (2.3MB file)

Have designed and printed 6 consecutive annual reports for this county agency


ACLU of Massachusetts

12 page annual report

Download PDF - cover only (350k)

Designed 4 annual reports for the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU



Midwest Sports


Midwest Sports Tennis Outlet
Cincinnati, Ohio

Designed ads for Midwest Sports
under contract with Telestar Media



Professional Digital Imaging Association

placed in Photoshop User magazine



Fidelity Investments


Fidelity Investments
Marlboro, MA

Designed to fit within a 5-part series of brochures.



Hamilton County JFS


Hamilton County Dept. of Job and Family Services
Hamilton County, Ohio

6 page recruiting brochure

Download PDF of full brochure - (720k)



Pinwheels for Prevention


Pinwheels for Prevention Billboard
Children's Hospital
Cincinnati, Ohio

Displayed at the Cincinnati Freedom Center, along with 6000 pinwheels, one for each child.

Download PDF, 2.1MB



Hamilton County Dept. of Job and Family Services
Hamilton County, Ohio

One of two billboards in the series.
Placed with Norton Outdoor Advertising, displayed throughout Hamilton County.





Digital Equipment Company

Dimensions of Service


Abacus Investment Group
Westport, CT
Corporate Logo

Digital Equipment Corp
Tampa, FL
Corporate Logo

Hamilton County JFS
Cincinnati, OH
Award Logo

Professional Digital
Imaging Association
Chicago, IL


Whatever your project type, LVX can handle it. Each category has high-res samples available to download.

Graphic Design

Web Design

Print Management

Photography and Photographic Services

About LVX

LVX Communications is a graphic services agency with a mission to provide communications through print and electronic means, and to do so attractively and effectively.

Corporate clients, large and small, have turned to LVX for graphics needs. Well-known clients include financial services firms such as Fidelity Investments, manufacturing companies such as Hasbro, and retail operations such as TJ Maxx and Grand Circle Travel. We take a special interest in non-profit and arts organizations, and are proud of such clients as Hamilton County Job & Family Services, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Boston Ballet.

LVX was founded in Boston in 1986 by Randall Reese as a design firm, specializing in typography. Through the years, we've relocated to the Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati area and expanded to include all areas of graphics, digital pre-press and web design, with a special emphasis on print management.


Randall Reese

randall @ LVXcommunications.com




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